Arona – The pearl of Lake Maggiore

Discovering hidden places

Arona is the ideal place for those who love breathtaking views, the quietness of old alleys in the historic center and , at the same time, the lively town life with restaurants and shopping streets.
The town offers ideal opportunities and sights for those who love photography. Snapshots of urban life and surprising glimpses from a natural point of view.

"Sweet" view

From the Rocca Borromea Park the beautiful view over Lake Maggiore will be an endless search of pleasure. The spectacle of the twin fortress , the Rocca d’Angera , located on the opposite side of the lake is priceless. In the park you can take advantage of the Botanical Path full of curiosities related to the surrounding flora.
Even if some sources attribute the origin of the construction to the Roman period, the first known historical document dates back to the 10th century. In the 15th century, the powerful Visconti family ceded the property to the Borromeo family and in the 16th century, Saint Charles Borromeo was born in this fortress in the "The Chamber of the 3 Lakes", a room named for the magnificent view from its windows.
In the 19th century, Napoleon destroyed the fortress but not the legends. The Cave Fairy as well as the "Secret Stairs" tunnel which leads from the castle to the lake are still a secret to many. Research is worthy of being encouraged with a stop in the charming snack bar called "La Corte della Rocchetta".
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Cosy atmosphere

An ice cream, an aperitif or a dinner in the medieval town square called the Piazza del Popolo are worthwhile to enjoy the history of the town. To feel the calm and charming peace of the ancient 12th century buildings encompassing the square, to taste the typical dishes of Piedmont cuisine, all while being surrounded by the fascinating beauty of the lake with the moored boats gently swaying in the background. As the heart of the town in the past, with its small harbor and the Bargello Palace built in Gothic style by the Visconti family (12th - 15th century), the Piazza del Popolo has been the market square since 1137.
A tour of the old narrow alleyways with the elegant boutiques behind the square is a real pleasure for those who want to take a slow stroll in these streets rich in ancient atmosphere.

Artistic adventure

A visit to the church of la "Collegiata di Santa Maria nascente” in Arona historic center is remarkable. This 13th century building owes its beauty to its Gothic-Byzantine architecture and its precious 13th century frescoes. The paintings of Morazzone (17th century) and Gaudenzio Ferrari (16th century) are of particular interest. Two of Morazzone’s other paintings can be admired in the “Cappella del Rosario” near the church and behind the Tabernacle you can make a special discovery, a fascinating fresco of Santa Maria.
The live music of the impressive modern organ transforms the visit into a transcendent experience.

Clear waters

Tiny, sunny and with a Blue Flag representing the quality of the water and the respect for the environment Rocchetta beach is the shore where you can bathe in the lake. This is the third year that the Foundation for Environmental Education has awarded the beach for clean waters. After a refreshing swim in the lake, the nearby bars will be a pleasant stop. Leashed dogs are allowed.

Sensual perception

Admire the reflections of the sun on the lake sitting on one of the many benches and listening to the sounds of the water. In the spring, a wonderful Wisteria creates a flowery tunnel, called "The Public Contemplation Room " by the locals.
Sensual perceptions arise from the experience and the Tuesday morning market is a special opportunity. It’s an endless pleasure the visit the stalls of local producers: cheese, honey and fresh food, a very Italian brushstroke of colour.

Ancient knowledge

A visit to the historic cheese seasoning caves is a one-of-a-kind experience. The Guffanti family’s seasoning caves are part of an ancient activity lasting five generations, a paradise for those who love artisan cheese production. Extreme attention to artisanal quality as well as being historical refiners, the Guffanti family offers a commendable selection of cheeses with all the Italian tradition. Passion, attention and courtesy are the sensations reserved for those who ask for information, so an aperitif at the Guffanti Cheese Bar becomes an exclusive experience.
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